At Damascus United Methodist Church you will find a diverse group of people seeking to be disciples of Jesus Christ.  All people are welcome in our church and we hope that everyone who enters our building experiences our welcoming hospitality.  When you arrive you can expect...

Visitor's Parking

You will find several spaces in our parking lot designated for visitors. Please take advantage of these spaces and then enter the church via the western doors to enter the sanctuary.

Please note that we do have multiple buildings on our campus. If you are not looking for the sanctuary, then please download a campus map to help guide you. There is currently a construction project in the property adjacent to Damascus UMC, so don't be alarmed by the fencing up next door.

Warm Welcome

As you enter the doors you will be greeted by a member of the congregation. If you let them know that you are visiting they will direct you to our Welcome Center, where a host is available to answer any questions and give directions.

Meaningful Worship Experience

Our pastors, staff and lay persons seek to connect all people with Christ through a dynamic worship experience that combines Scripture, hymns and anthems, responsive reading, prayer, and relevant and understandable preaching. Damascus UMC's pastors use both the lectionary and sermon series in their preaching.

Click here to listen to a recent sermon.

Inspiring Music

Damascus UMC has a large variety of musical choirs and ensembles that share their gifts throughout the year like bell choirs, puppets, children's choirs, men's and women's choirs and much more! Each Sunday (Sept. - May) at the 8:15 service you will hear an anthem from our youth choir, the Charles Wesley Singers, and at the 11 am  you will hear an anthem from our Adult Chancel Choir. During our 9:30 combined Summer Worship Service (June- August only) our combined/summer choir shares music.  Click here to learn more about our Music and Arts Ministry.

Open Communion Table

The United Methodist denomination practices an "open table" for communion, which means that everyone is invited to share in the sacrament. You do not have to be a member of our church or a United Methodist; you do not have to take a class first; you do not have to be a certain age...all of God's children are welcome at the Lord's Table at Damascus UMC. We share communion usually the first week of each month at both services and on other special Sundays.

Community Prayer

Maintaining a connection with each other and responding to the world around us is an important part of community life.  We share in prayer in multiple ways during a worship service. Each week we invite all to join hands and share in the Lord's prayer together. Don't like holding hands? No problem...feel free to offer an elbow instead!


At 9:30 am on Sundays, between service, the Connections Café is open to church members and visitors to join in fellowship over a cup of coffee or tea. 

Opportunity for Growth and Learning

Between our two services (Sept.-May), from 9:30-10:30 am we have an educational hour for Sunday school and small groups. Classes are available from age 3 through adults. Learn more: Small Groups, Children, Youth


a weekly opportunity to gather, praise, pray, sing, listen to Scripture and the spoken word, and be in fellowship with others sharing the journey!

Communion is usually celebrated on the first Sunday of every month. We have a nursery during worship and Sunday school hours.

Visitors: Please take advantage of our visitor parking area and visit our Welcome Station when you arrive for Sunday worship. Hosts are ready to answer any questions you have and to help you find your way around our building. 

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