Young At Heart (Older Adult Ministry)

EVENTS - Kathryn Smith and others shared music at the Young at Heart Christmas party on Friday, Dec. 14. Watch here for more special events in 2019!

Kathryn Smith at piano

Who We Are:

We are a group of mostly 50+ aged adults who enjoy going places, taking interesting "day trips," eating, laughing, and generally enjoying each others' company once a month. There are no membership rules: age, church affiliation, or anything else. In fact we don't even have members! Everyone and anyone can participate and guests are especially welcome.


What We Do:

We're all about Fellowship, Fun, Friends, & Food. We go on a number of adventures or explorations each year to attractions within "day trip" range. Our adventures or explorations are usually to cultural sites, nature sites, theatres, restaurants, sporting events (annually to a Frederick Keys baseball game), etc. We always manage to enjoy a dining or luncheon experience as an integral part of every trip. The group also has a number of luncheons each year, and our annual Christmas Dinner. Most activities are during the week with periodic activities sprinkled in.


Ted and Sue Constantinides, along with Jane Webb, informally lead us, but activities for each year are planned in a January get together of all who have ideas to bring forth. Once the activities for the year are set, various individuals handle the detail planning and coordination of each event.

Open Invitation:

Everyone who sees this webpage is welcome to participate in Young At Heart activities and events--no restrictions. You don't need to be a member of Damascus UMC, or any church, you don't have to be in any specific age category. There are no requirements or restrictions of any kind. You just need to be interested in participating and open to being welcomed by other participants.