Damascus United Methodist Church

WWJD Circle @ Weinberg Theatre

Thursday, March 15, 2018

WWJD Circle News

Members of the WWJD Circle will be attending a talk given by Mitch Albom at the Weinberg Theater in Frederick on March 15.  Email will be sent out about carpooling and meeting for dinner beforehand.  If you do not have a ticket, seats may be purchased at http://www.weinbergcenter.org/14328/mitch-albom/?spektrix_bounce=true  or by calling the box office at 301.600.2828.  Anyone buying tickets now can still carpool and eat dinner with us.  Buy tickets with a friend so you can have someone to sit with.  

This activity is open to any interested person so please join us!

For further information and/or to be put on the carpool-dinner list, email Marcia Hofman, or call Linda in the church office at 301-253-0022.


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