About Us

Devoted Servants, Drawn to Jesus, Dedicated to Making Disciples

Our Mission

Devoted Servants: Joyfully obedient servants of Christ who are passionate about helping all of God's children through our mission and outreach. We are committed to serving God in all that we do at DUMC. Through the gifts that God has bestowed upon us, we are committed to helping others find 'abundant life.'

Drawn to Jesus:  Out of love and devotion, we are drawn to be near to and one with Jesus Christ, praying that we can walk with Him in our daily lives and learn to be more like Him. We are drawn to Him through our worship, music, fellowship, mission, ministries, prayer, and our love in all things.

Dedicated to making Disciples:  Understanding that loving God and serving others is only part of what we are called to do, we are also obligated to arm our fellow sisters and brothers with an understanding of Christ's teaching so they too, can fish, and teach others in order to transform the world.